In Case You Think I’ve fallen Off the Face of the Earth……..

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I’m back!

Hi everyone!  For those of you who have followed this blog, you may have noticed that I abandoned writing for an unusual length of time.   What you don’t know is a company that didn’t appreciate one of my articles was trying to sue me.   I had received stacks and stacks of paperwork and I read every sentence.  I was never actually sued, just threatened.  They even threatened to put me in jail.  Who knew, a young rheumatoid arthritis sufferer could get so much attention?  Handcuffs could really hurt.  ;P  I don’t believe even for a second that they had a case but just for the record, anyone can be sued for anything at any time.  Guilt seems like an unnecessary ingredient in the court room these days.  It didn’t matter that I was sharing an experience, and that freedom of speech is a right. What mattered was that I grew tired of dealing with it, and in turn, they had shut me up.  They had accomplished taking away my voice.  Because of this, I left the blog world for a long while.  I even stopped writing entirely.  I didn’t even notice when I hadn’t renewed my internet hosting account.  I was sort of turned off.  Even journal-ling felt like a chore.  I turned my focus on other things, other things that were also going on in my life and taking up all of my time.  But because I stepped out of the habit of writing for so long, when I sat in front of the computer, I was stumped.  How was I able to come up with words?  You know, those letters that are grouped together and with some effort, turned into an entire sentence and then a paragraph that then becomes an entire article?  Even the very first word seemed difficult.  Hello.  Hi.  Uh…..    This time, more determined than ever and knowing that the writer in me still lives, I decided to return to some of my old habits, otherwise that very first article would never appear.  I did in fact post an article but a friend of mine let me know that it sounded like I just wanted to hear myself think….  It was the equivalent of ordering 2buck chuck for guests that are expecting fine wine.  In the right circumstance this is great, but as my first post, it needed to sound like me, not a watered down, just going to write a bunch of mucky junk and call it a post.  No, that wasn’t going to get swallowed easily.  It needed to sound like me, the old me, the me that had an opinion and was fallible and was always searching for something more.  Just an fyi, if you do like wine, I’m all about the organic red Green Fin from Trader Joe’s.  Incredibly affordable!  Oops, that’s a secret because they’re always running out.  Leave me some!  My point is, my voice was still being suppressed because I had buried it so very deep.  I am proud to say I think I’m finding my voice all over again.  I think my writing is certainly rusty and grammatical errors are bound to appear, but I want to say thank you all for your support and thank you dear friend for giving me that critique. It was the permission I needed to bear my soul.   Ahh, I like the sound of that!

Self Induced Lupus?

Not everyone is as lucky as Pamela Anderson

Not everyone is as lucky as Pamela Anderson

A show on MTV called, “TRUE LIFE: I DON’T LIKE MY BREASTS” tells the story of four women, all of whom would prefer a different pair of breasts. In the show, two women went under breast augmentation, and another had her breasts reduced. For those women, the surgeries were successful. For another woman who had her implants done years before, she had a different reaction. Her body rejected the foreign tissue. It wasn’t immediate, but over time she developed more and more health issues to a point where she was very sick. Her doctors never suggested it could be the implants, and it simply never occurred to her. At the end, she suggested that before any woman have breast augmentation, that they check out the site:

Autoimmune diseases and health issues are hard enough to deal with. This website is a good example that diseases like Lupus can be caused from outside sources. It doesn’t have to be genetics or luck of the draw. It is important that we try to do our best to be as healthy as possible. And if you know someone thinking of getting implants, you may want to direct them to this site so they can make a more informed decision.

I do feel proud that years ago I talked a woman out of having breast implants done. She had planned a trip to another country for a cheaper breast augmentation surgery. She felt her breasts weren’t big enough. She was a beautiful and very petite Brazilian woman and a mother of the cutest little girl. She had already taken time off, found a doctor and made an appointment. I couldn’t help it… an artist, I thought she was absolutely beautiful and that her very petite frame looked perfect. She wasn’t flat chested. She had proportionate breasts for her body. Why was she complaining? She had men falling at her feet. I asked to see her breasts because perhaps there was some disfigurement and maybe that, I thought, would help explain her desire for a curvier figure. She showed them to me, pointing out how small they were and yet they looked perfect for her frame. That’s when I felt I had to at least warn her that what she had right now could be better than what she gets. After all, any surgery is dangerous. There is no guarantee that you’re going to even wake up from anesthesia. Having any surgery shouldn’t be taken lightly. In some ways I felt bad trying to talk her out of it, but at the same time I wanted to make sure she at least realized the kind of risk she was taking. She could end up with uneven, hard breasts, or damaged nipples just to name a few. There was an entire plethora of risks she hadn’t even really thought about that could happen. At that time, I didn’t have RA and didn’t even consider autoimmune diseases like Lupus. If I had of had RA, I would have added those risks to the mix! Luckily however, she did change her mind. And I hope to this day she can look at herself and be happy with her decision and realize she is really quite lucky with the cards she had been given. So please, if you do know of someone who’s thinking about getting implants, make sure they know the facts. Not everyone ends up as lucky as Pamela Anderson.

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