Favorites are listed in order of importance/most effective (more to come-this list is incomplete in information but hopefully that will change soon!)

1.  Low Dose Naltrexone

I debated on putting this at number one simply because I’m not sure how it affects me since I’ve never tried not taking it.  I only know how it has affected me since I’ve started taking it.  It took away my number one, worst symptom of all, which was pleurisy.  I had had pleurisy for about one year.  I slept on my back at night and never ever rolled over.  Even after healing, sleeping on my side feels more like a “luxury” vs anything normal….it’s so hard to describe.  It’s also a very cheap drug AND it works for everything that I know of.  Parkinson’s, MS, you name it.  I’m not saying it will cure anything, and it certainly won’t cure cancer…although some would argue.  But if I had cancer, I would take it.  Sound too good to be true?  That’s what I thought, until I tried it.

2.. Serracor-NK or SerraRX or enterically coated serrapeptase

This supplement is worth its weight in gold. I would sell everything I owned in order to continue taking this supplement. It has turned me from a zombie (think ace bandages, and super stiff) into a working, functioning human again. Serracor works by reducing fibrin. Fibrin is in direct correlation to inflammatory disease such as rheumatoid arthritis and it is the cause of nodules, cysts, fibroid tumors, etc. This is a must if you have an inflammatory condition. Do give it time to work (at least 4 months)…all good medicines and supplements take time. And do keep in mind that as the fibrin is pulled out of the body, it must re-enter the blood stream before it’s emptied, which means a possible flare. I take 15 pills a day but Serracor is a combination of important enzymes and anti-inflammatories. If you want to take less pills and just reduce fibrin, Serra-RX would be a good option, however, it will not contain important enzymes like coenzyme Q10 which are lacking for most people with autoimmune diseases.

2. Celadrin Cream.

It’s a new favorite and it absorbs quickly. Unfortunately I don’t have enough time today to expand on this as well as many other favorites, but I just wanted to throw this out there in case anyone needs something to reduce inflammation in their hands or other specific trouble areas. It’s no miracle, but the more you use it, the better it works. I have tried a msm, arnica cream and it just didn’t absorb well. It also smelled a little funny so I wasn’t good about using it. Celadrin does the job, absorbs quickly, has a fairly pleasant smell and reduces pain quickly, doing it’s real magic slowly over time.

3. The book, “The Inflammation Free Diet Plan”.  This book gives you a point system of how inflammatory or anti-inflammatory something is.  It’s truly terrific for those of us that choose to combat our inflammation vs being so strict.

4.  Raw foods.  Juicing. Celery and Celery seeds are some of the best things you could consume.  I know, no fun, right?  Except for sushi  :).  I feel the same.  I don’t have the self discipline to be incredibly svelte and self-controlled.  I have tried and I fail.  Perhaps it’s an emotional thing, learned, I don’t know.  Either way, I do know that eating raw foods is a great way to reduce inflammation.  I also know that we produce and eat enzymes when we eat raw foods.  And because I don’t have the discipline to eat raw foods all the time, that is why I consume the supplement Serracor, it’s because it helps give your body those enzymes you would be getting if you were on a raw food diet.  I’m sure it doesn’t give you any where near all of them, since there are so many enzymes to not only make, but to eat, but hey, it’s great for those that don’t have the willpower to go totally raw.

5.  Gassy vegetables and vegetables in general.  Thank God I like vegetables or else I would really be in trouble.  My favorites believe it or not are brussel sprouts and artichokes.  Gassy vegetables means it contains sulfur.  Sulfur is totally anti-inflammatory.  Sulfur is found in msm, and sulfasalazine, among many other supplements and things.  Onions, cabbage, garlic, are all great for you.  And they reduce inflammation, fight yeast and of course so many other wonderful things like improving your complexion, etc.

6.  Seafood, fish oil, sea-mussel extract, glucosamine, etc.   Seafood is getting a bad wrap these days and for good reason.  Just try and pick your seafood wisely, whatever that means.  Seafood, is anti-inflammatory so if you can find a good source, eat it up!  There are MANY supplements that contain ingredients or oils from seafood and they are anti-inflammatory.  I don’t know what the “best” is.  I’ve tried a ton.  One of the ones I’ve tried recently and like is green-lipped mussel extract from New Zealand.  I can’t say that I’ve seen huge results, but I’ve seen a slight change.  A slight change isn’t what I’m after…I’m really trying for remission.  But any change that’s good is ok with me!  :)

7.  Turmeric.  I made the mistake of drinking turmeric and it stained my teeth.  BUT I will say, I noticed a difference.  I recommend instead, consuming it through food or taking a supplement.  It helps with your cortisone levels, believe it or not.  It’s anti-bacterial as well.  Give it a shot.  Speaking of which, maybe I should have tried that, to avoid the teeth staining!

8.  Gingko-biloba.  I have had arguments with my husband (who thinks I take too many pills) because he believes supplements like gingko don’t work.  Well he doesn’t have a health problem, so what does he know.  Gingko increases circulation which in turn, decreases inflammation and helps your brain function.  If you have inflammation, you have circulation problems and brain functioning problems as a result.  Take my word for it, you will notice a slight difference if you take this morning and night on a regular basis.

9.  Prednisone.  You heard me!  I said prednisone.  I know, why would I mention a drug on this site, right?  Well, if you have had a disease like RA or Lupus,  you will know why.  It’s a cheap drug.  Prednisone can be your god-send and worst enemy, depending on how it is used.  If you are going to take prednisone, please do your homework.  Prednisone causes massive destruction to joints, rids your body of calcium and can cause adrenal crisis or the onset of diabetes, among many many other things.  Prednisone is something you don’t mess around with unless you know what you’re doing.  Your doctor better know what they’re doing because many of them don’t.  If you CAN stay away from Prednisone, by all  means, more power to you because there is a reason why it is the drug, “we love but love to hate.”

10.  Kineret.   Kineret is a new drug for RA and it’s being studied for other diseases like diabetes as we speak.  It is the alternative to biologics.  It comes nearly side effect free (compared to other RA drugs).  The only drawbacks (so far) are that it requires daily injections-ouch!  And it is fairly expensive.  Still, if I were on a drug, Kineret would be my number one choice.

11. Coenzyme Q10.  If you have an autoimmune disease, you should be taking this supplement.  If you have Parkinson’s you should be taking at least 1300 mgs.  And if you have Lou Gherig’s disease, also known as ALS, you should be taking even more.

12.  Quercetin Q10.  This stuff is fantastic.  If you have hives, rashes, rosacea, itchy bumps, pleurisy, asthma, etc. this is a supplement you will definitely notice a difference on.  I’ll probably move it up on the list because it’s so great.  It works with your histamine levels.  Where do you find it naturally?  Grape skins, apple skins, etc.  This supplement helps reduce allergic type reactions including skin problems, inflammation, even urinary tract infections.  After a couple of weeks, you will notice a difference.  I have heard that bromelain helps it absorb.

12.  Ginger.  Drink it, eat it, supplement with it.  Just make sure you consume it.  It reduces inflammation and has been widely studied.

13.  B vitamins.  Many people with autoimmune diseases are lacking in their B’s especially B12.  Have yours checked if possible.  Getting the right amount can help reduce fatigue and brain fog.

14.  Vitamin D.  Forgot about this one.  Tomorrow’s agenda…put it up on the list.  vitamin D is necessary for all of us really, because we protect ourselves from the sun and work in rooms that don’t provide sunlight.  Vitamin D helps fight inflammation, cancer, even fat!!  10,000 iu’s is the maximum daily use that’s considered “safe” by the FDA, however, I suggest starting with less than that.  pay attention to your body.  maybe it will tell you what feels best.  Too much of a good thing can be bad however.  Vitamin D can be stored in the liver, so be careful.

15.  Milk thistle.  Mine has dandelion and something else added to it which helps decrease inflammation.  That’s perfect for me at night.  milk thistle is important for your liver.  whether you take medicine, supplements or just suffer from an autoimmune disease, milk thistle is important to keep your liver at optimum levels.

16.  Speaking of sleep.  Sleep.  and a great supplement for Sleep is Fibro Sleep.  What makes this one different besides all the stuff that makes you sleepy, is that it has both anti-inflammatories and helps calm your stomach.  For those with PD or MS, you especially might benefit from having a less active digestive system at night.

17.  many more to come!!


4 Responses

  1. It’s awesome to see this list in one place! I know (from experience) how long and how much trial and error it takes to find the things that really work. Thanks again!

  2. Hi Sarah,

    My name is Kelsi and I am a long time friend/step sister of Dave Baron’s. He gave me your blog address and I too suffer (badly) with RA. I am really interested in the alternative route because of all of the negative side effects. I am currently taking Enbrel (4th week) and no relief. I am also on a band aid of steroids. I love to hate these! The fear of this disease is paralyizing me. I have never had the fear of failure like I have had with this. Thank you for posting all of this wonderful information. Namaste!

  3. Thank you for the great information. I came to your site after searching the phrase juicing for ra. I was diagnosed last month and have my second rheumitologist visit tomorrow. I am taking tumeric,boswella and primrose for inflammation as well as plaquenil. I have not heard of naltrexone or serracor but am very interested in investigating them. Can you give me an idea as to where I might purchase them?

  4. I have been reading research on how exactly how these compounds
    work. I Remember in the 1960′ s O tv it was said if the rain forests are destroyed we would lose a source of medicines ???? Duhhh

    I have learned how and why micronutrients effect gene expression.
    key word MCH class 2 molecule ( antigen presentation )
    LOOK IT UP go to youtube see Dr. Najeeb, imunology

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