Mission Statement

This site is for people who suffer from chronic illnesses or know people who do. It’s also about information. I have learned a lot from having Rheumatoid Arthritis. I have learned not only about suffering, but also about appreciating. I’ve also learned plenty from talking with people and from reading on the Internet about diseases, drugs, remedies, and as much as I have gotten my hands on so far. I hope to be a helpful source to all of you in whatever way I can.

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  1. hi

    I am on gabapentin and I can honestly say the pain relief it gives, particularly from neuropain has changed my life!
    After you take it it can make you feel giddy (so take it when you are going to be sat for a while or in bed).
    I have been on it for about 2 yrs now and I SLEEP!
    It really does stop the burning pain from the RA nerve damage like nothing else does.

    I wish I could follow your blog, but you are word press and I am on blogger and Im too ditsy to know how to follow wordpress ones!

    All the best x

  2. Lisa,

    Thanks so much for your comment! I would love to learn more about your years with RA and I am so sorry to hear you have this awful disease! You sound very strong and positive and we are all lucky to hear from you!
    I would be honored to be a guest blogger and I will check out your website and the details. Thank you so much! I look forward to learning more….
    take care,

  3. I have rheumatoid arthritis too. I was diagnosed at the age iof 24, 16 years ago. Each day is a challenge and yet I am grateful for any mobility I have.

    I enjoyed reading through your blog and hope you will join us for Invisible Illness Week Sept 14-20. We are in need of guest bloggers and then will also have a 5-day virtual conference w/ 20 speakers. I also just began a new social network called Illness Twitters at htp://www.illnesstwitters.ning.com . Thank you for all you do to help bring more awareness to chroic illness and all that it entails.

  4. Jo-Ann,
    Thank you so much, I would love to be added to your blog roll! I agree, there is never too much information and every person is different, requiring different medications and methods. I will definitely check out your site!
    Thanks again for the support and for blogging about RA. I know I appreciate it!

  5. Hi Sarah,

    What a great site you have here. I honestly feel that there is no such thing as too much information. We all have to find what works for each of us. I was diagnosed in 2001 and started a blog the beginning of this year. I’d love to add you to my blog roll if you don’t mind. You can check out the site @http://www.livingrheum.com/

    Thanks for sharing what you have learned!


  6. Shirley,

    It’s great to hear from you! Thank you so much for the encouragement, it’s really appreciated! I hope you are feeling well and doing well with your work. Keep me posted!
    Gentle hugs,

  7. Hi Sarah,
    I happen to be on the RA site when I saw your webpage. You have been so helpful in my RA experience in the past and this website is so informative and encouraging, i just want to say thank you.

  8. Maria,

    Honestly I hadn’t heard of Gabapentin until you mentioned it, however I’m writing a post on some of what I did find. Please take a look at it when you get a chance and I hope it answers some of your questions.
    Take care,

  9. I have Fibromyalgia and am on antedepressants and pain killers and Gabapintin for nerve pain and restless legs.Can you tell me more about Gabapintin.I know that it is used fro peaple who have seizers,but that is it.

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