My Current Alternative Solutions

Low Dose Naltrexone (3.5 mg each night)

Serracor-NK (five pills three times daily)

I also continue to experiment with other supplements and vitamins which I will not list because they sometimes change.  I have listed LDN and Serracor-NK because they are the most important medications/supplements that I take.  I consider Serracor-NK to be extremely powerful and I’m thrilled with its results.  I continue to try other vitamins because remission is my goal.  When and if I come across another supplement that I consider very worthwhile to suggest and take on a daily basis for the rest of my life, you’ll see it at the top of this list.  Until then, the only two products that I feel are worth your money and time are Serracor-NK and Low Dose Naltrexone.

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Experiments are important, and that’s what clinical trials are all about. Because there is no “cure” for autoimmune diseases, I consider going to the doctor and being handed medications until something sticks, also an experiment. In other words, we are all guinea pigs and we either let our doctors decide what to put in our bodies or we make the decisions ourselves.

I chose to go the alternative route because the medications my doctor was giving me, the standard protocol for Rheumatoid Arthritis, not only didn’t work very well but they made me feel sick. Chemotherapy drugs are not fun. Steroids are not fun. Though I never tried Biologics, many people have a quick decrease in inflammation when given these options. If you don’t have insurance, drugs like Enbrel, Orencia, Humira, and Remicade can run up to $35,565 a year. It’s no wonder that doctors start patients out with the cheapest options first, like Methotrexate and Prednisone before they move on for insurance approval. But why, I ask, would you want such an expensive drug that has a black box warning? Cancer is being investigated as a top concern for children and young adults who were administered tnf inhibitors (biologics) or chemotherapy drugs (methotrexate) over a 10 year clinical trial. It’s a wonder that drugs like Enbrel and Methotrexate are approved with all of their warnings and side effects.

After being on Methotrexate and Prednisone for over a year, I kept thinking these words…”there has to be a better option!” Going the alternative route, once I figured out exactly what that was, seemed like a no-brainer to me. Why wouldn’t I give it a shot?

I had a person tell me, “you are so brave!” I have also has someone thank me for taking these alternative medications because they know no one else who does, and I am the poster child of both Low Dose Naltrexone and Serracor-NK. I do feel it’s important that people like me try alternative medications and do our best to let other people know how those medications are working. I feel in a weird way, that it’s become my duty…..who else is going to do it? I learned about Low Dose Naltrexone from a person on the support group who had Multiple Sclerosis. And I learned about Serracor-NK from a suggestion made by my crazy neighbor. I figured I was just being led into the typical dead end path, but I was pleasantly surprised to be absolutely wrong. Serracor-NKhas done miracles to my body.

Am I brave? Honestly, I wouldn’t call it that. You can if you want to, but I consider all of us brave. If you have an autoimmune disease, then you know all too well that your future is uncertain.

I feel that taking the drugs I take, which have no side effects except for improving your health, isn’t brave at all, it’s hopeful. If this were possible, I knew I couldn’t let money be in the way of me getting healthy.

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  1. Hi

    My name is Paul im From Ireland I’ve been battling fibromyalgia for many years…..some years ago I found an amazing drug and it put my whole fibromyalgia into remission it was a miracle for me

    Unfortunately in 2018 the company that made it stopped manufacturing it… was called LDN low dose naltrexone but the manufacturer was Bristol Myers squibb it was an absolutely amazing drug…….since that day other companies have decided to make it but unfortunately they are filling it with cheap fillers and none of them work they actually make me feel worse

    I’m trying get some voices of sufferers around the world to see can I get a petition going to try and get the company to maybe make it again

    It was amazing but since they stopped Makin it I’m a as sick as I was when I first got fibromyalgia

  2. Thank you! I have tried just about everything I am even Vegan Raw food gluten free which helps but but not as much as I thought it would. I found your website and this is my 5th day on LDN and I havent felt this good in over a year. I thought something was wrong with me because i felt better. I guess felling horrible was my normal. Thank you! Thank you! i was able to open container with a screw cap and I almost cried. I wanted to ask you about Dr’s Best Serapeptase and Nattokinase which i believe is like Serracor but cheaper have you used these products?

  3. Hi Sarah

    I found your website by researching for Polypodium Leucotomos extract (Calaguala) – a fern extract. Anyway, I read your story and wanted to know if you tried eliminating ALL GRAINS (wheat, corn, rice, soy, etc) from your diet. I had a severe inflammatory crisis where my knees and shoulder froze and would not bend. By eliminating grains, I was able to reverse the condition permanently within a short period of time and have helped hundreds of people since. Please look at my website and read my story – it doesn’t cost anything to read the info and implement…you have to eat anyway so try it for a few weeks to a month and see if it makes a difference for you. I saw significant difference within 2 weeks. My mission is to help people eliminate these “unexplained” sudden health crisis…many of which disappear after eliminating grains. Wishing you the Best…you seem like a beautiful spirit.

  4. One more thing…..

    I don’t think I mentioned how long it took Serracor-NK to work for me.

    At around a month, I went into a pretty big flare. When it went away and I didn’t feel any better, I immediately became worried that it wasn’t going to work for me. Luckily I stuck with it. I started to notice a very slight change at around the two month mark and not a day earlier. After that, it seemed like rapid changes happened. Each day I’d wake up with less inflammation and less pain. At around four months, it seemed like things evened out, meaning I had reached my main mark of inflammation and pain control. I no longer have pain on a daily basis but I still do have inflammation in my hands and wrists. Although it’s not very bad, it’s important to get it under control. Luckily Serracor-NK is suppose to continue to make improvements over time. In the meantime, I also continue to experiment with other supplements.

    If you look at the case study, the blood tests didn’t see dramatic improvement until around the fourth month. If it’s possible, keep track of your blood tests so that even if you don’t feel a difference, you’ll know it’s working. The tests will show improvements long before you can feel a difference.

    Many hugs,

  5. Hi Jennifer!

    Tart cherry juice, yes that’s GREAT for inflammation! Keep up the great work, it all helps! Inflammation is caused by a variety of things. That’s why for RA, various medications are used. So when you’re reading about cherry juice for instance, try and find information on specifics. How does it reduce inflammation….? Here’s a link I found: It says it works like NSAIDS by inhibiting both COX enzymes. Here’s another link: This one says it also kills off and reduces free radicals in the body. The reason why it’s good to keep track is because everyone’s body is different. Your protocol for the best recipe for your RA might be very specific and knowing how each food and product works is essential to figuring out how to tailor your intake. Inflammation can be caused by too much tnf protein… if so you need to take Biologics and/or antibiotics, or the supplemental equivalent might be Lactoferrin and/or N-acytlecystine. It can be caused by too much fibrin, hence taking Serracor-NK. Chances are, most people have inflammation caused by a variety of things and needs to be treated addressing a variety of ways. So pay attention to your body. Give things a couple of months to work or more. Increase dosages of the cherry juice for instance and see how it goes for you, and then take note of your body’s response which will help you decide what’s combination of things are going to work best for your body.

    You’re right, Serracor-Nk does say 1-2 capsules. The reason is, it’s not specific for RA. It’s just generalizing a dosage. As we both know, even medications are tailored according to the person. I take 5 pills three times a day. For cholesterol lowering, you take 4 capsules two times a day. Large Fibroid tumors on the other hand, require a higher dosage. It’s really dependent on how much inflammation is happening in your body and how much of it is the result of too much fibrin. So be your own doctor. Start with less pills during the detox faze of around 14 days. Do the 1-2 capsules three times a day for this. As you go further, if you don’t feel like you’re having many problems like headaches or loose stools, you can increase your dosage. Ideally for RA it is 5 pills 3 times a day. If you’re having detox symptoms, then cut back. When you feel comfortable, move up to 5 pills three times a day. Later, if you feel your inflammation no longer exists, then you can cut back on the pills…but do this slowly because symptoms will take their time to come back. Keep in mind as well that the longer you are without symptoms, the less likely it is that the symptoms will come back. So if you feel amazing with 5 pills three times a day, you may want to stick with that for a long while. It’s really up to you. Enzymes are great for the body. They help fight cancer. They help your pancreas stay healthy. They keep your cholesterol at normal levels. They reduce or eliminate cysts and varicose veins. Inflammation is definitely horrible for any part of the body. It is the cause of many or most diseases everywhere from glaucoma to heart disease, to cancer. So do what’s best for you and your body. I know that taking 15 pills a day is not fun, however, what choice do I have? I am hoping some day it’s in a liquid form or chewable tablets..wouldn’t that be nice? When your RA is in control and you’re on Serracor-NK, the nice thing about it is, if you miss a few days on accident or because of a trip, you won’t really notice a difference. It takes a long while to get the fibrin out of the body and it takes a long while for it to return. So keep all of this in mind as you work towards being inflammation free!

    I am so glad to hear that your sister is doing well, that’s fantastic! Please keep us all posted, I know I love to hear how you’re both doing.

  6. Thanks so much Sarah! My sister is doing well, thankfully!!
    I just ordered Serracor-NK, but noticed on the directions it says 1-2 capsules three times a day, but I know you and other studies i’ve seen have suggested 5 tablets per day. Is there something I’m missing?
    I just want you to know how much I appreciate your blog. I think it’s great if everyone with this disease can share treatments, or anything they’ve found helpful.
    I’ve just ordered tart black cherry juice since I heard that’s good for inflammation also…why not, right?

  7. Hi Jennifer,

    So sorry to hear about your sister. How is she doing now? Sounds like your sister is going through the ringer. Avoiding cancer is one of the reasons I went alternative. There are lots of supplements that I’ve tried that either didn’t work or weren’t strong enough. I don’t know how bad your RA is. The thing about LDN is, it works sort of from the inside out…(most vital organs to extremities.) your fingers will literally be the last thing LDN will begin to heal. What this means is, it may never heal them because RA is a nasty disease….it destroys tissue, it can affect organs, etc. IF your RA is only in your outer extremities, then by all means, wait to see what happens. But if your RA is involving many of your joints, possibly organs too, then LDN is simply probably not enough. Remember that when doctors medicate RA, they medicate aggressively. It’s hard to reverse bone loss and you definitely can not reverse deformities, nor can you reverse certain organ damage. So in my opinion, it’s imperative to treat your RA as aggressive as possible even if you’re using alternative treatments. Doctors will be aggressive and then they’ll cut back. Get your RA in remission….once you get there, you can cut back on medications. The faster you get yourself to remission, the better chance you’ll stay there permanently. The longer your RA is out of control, the bigger chance you’ll never reach remission…or at least, this is what I have read to be true.

    Knowing that LDN will work on your organs first, it’s important to understand how Serracor-NK works. Serracor-NK works by reducing fibrin. Fibrin causes the blood to clot, it also causes tumors and is said to be responsible for the development of Rheumatoid Arthritis. Although you may have fibrin stored in various places around your body, including scar tissue that you may not know about, reducing the fibrin in your blood will GREATLY reduce your inflammation. I suggest doing both and remember to read “Hering’s Law”. You will most likely feel worse before you feel better. Read this post, especially #3.

    Keep us posted and I hope that answered some questions for you. Thanks so much for sharing you your sister’s story!
    Many hugs,

  8. Hi Sarah,
    I just started low dose naltrexone this week, and am definitely interested in getting the Serracor-NK as well, but in your opinion, do you think I should see how my body responds to LDN first? Ive only been on it for 2 days. How long did it take you to respond?
    I have rheumatoid arthritis too, and so does my sister. She was on Enbrel and while on it, she got breast cancer. Her doctors have told her to not take it again, that it may have exacerbated her cancer. Thank god she is ok now. I just hope these alternative treatments work. Enbrel is too risky, but it really does work well..ugh.
    Thank you so much for your website, it’s very inspiring.
    Here’s to good health.
    All the best

  9. Marguerite,

    Wow, you’re on LDN! That’s great! I’m so glad it’s working for you! As far as Neprinol getting overheated…..
    it sounds like it might have! If I were you, I’d call the place you got it from, was that biomediclabs? They are very helpful. You can either speak with Brad, the owner or you could speak with a product specialist and they’ll be able to tell you. If the specialist tells you that yes, they are ruined, I would ask to then speak with Brad and explain the situation. Perhaps he can send you another bottle. I’m pretty sure that if the bottle is unopened you can most certainly send it back. Please let me know what happens! Thanks so much! Best of luck to you!

  10. Thank you for your very informative website and introducing me to Neprinol.
    After reading about systemic enzymes, I believe there is hope here! When my Neprinol arrive – it sat in the mail box (all day) on an 80 degree day here in FLA. Now I’m worried that the heat my have killed all the enzymes! Have you had any experience with this?
    I have been taking LDN for 2 months and am amazed at how much better I feel!

    Thanks Again!
    Marguerite Peterson

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