I Finally Started Juicing!!

I don’t know why it’s taken me 5 years to start juicing.  It didn’t seem to matter how many times I read or heard how great juicing would be for me. The thought of  buying an expensive juicer, only to clean it daily, and buy ingredients frequently, etc. sounded terrible.  I’m not much of a cook and I am so busy, I just never realized that I could fit it in my lifestyle.

I had been thinking about juicing for some time, but I owe it to a co-worker from Gnomon School of Visual Effects, Paulli, who gave me that kick in the rear to get going.  She said, “What are you waiting for?”  And I realized, I didn’t really have an answer.  No excuse was a good excuse. This was my health I was talking about!  Buying a juicer this month sounded unrealistic, but she was right, no amount of money was worth sacrificing my health.  If this was going to make me better, then seriously, what was I waiting for?

I realized that I could at least try and use my blender.  If it didn’t work, I could buy a juicer, no excuses. I finally took it out of the top cupboard and brought it to work and put it on the counter, the same day that I bought some juicing staples for the week.  I had a few of the ingredients already, like turmeric, cayenne pepper and apple cider vinegar.

I chopped up a few stalks of celery, the entire cucumber, put a spoonful of turmeric, a spoonful of cayenne pepper, a splash of Apple cider vinegar, a splash of carrot juice that has omegas added, a splash of strawberry Kefir, and finally a splash of the green juice blend from Trader Joe’s.  And walla!  Instant juice drink!  The blender is detachable, so whatever I don’t drink, I just put in the fridge and blend again later.  In fact, day old juice tastes even better!  And the cleanup is super easy.  I just rinse out the blender and it’s ready to juice again!
It took me a bit to get used to the flavor, but I’ve actually acquired a taste for it now!  I’m planning on getting more ingredients…like parsley, ginger, almond milk, kale and whatever else I think would be great for reducing inflammation and adding antioxidants to my body.

Maybe it’s too soon to tell but I would swear that I can already feel a difference.  Two pitchers of smoothies later, I really think this is going to take me somewhere great.  It felt as though it was cleaning my body.  My intestinal health has never been great but since having had RA, it’s been extremely poor.  After juicing I felt like my intestines were saying “Hooray!”  Maybe that’s too much information, but I can feel a giant difference.   Thank you Paulli for your encouragement!

Stay tuned and I’ll let you know how this goes!  Please feel free to ask for advice on juicing.  I have some pretty strong opinions as to what you should and should not be drinking!

many hugs,


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  1. Are you talking about juicing or blending? Juicing gets the juice and leaves the pulp. Blending blends the whole food. I used to juice, now I blend. I have an expensive blender; it is so good there are really no particles left, it’s just a drink but it’s the entire vegetable; dramatically alters Ph in the direction of alkaline.

  2. Please keep posting about this; I just learned (duh) that a juicer could be a needed appliance. I am trying to decide.

  3. Hi Deb,

    Great! Yes, organic only always! I follow the “inflammation free diet plan” by Monica Reinagle. I’m sure there are other great books out there, but this is the best information I have come across so far. Keep me posted on your juicing! Avoid sugars and that means fruits as well for the most part!

  4. Hi Madi,

    I think the nutrients stay the same…I wouldn’t worry much about degrading. My juice recipe was based on research of the ingredients itself. For instance, celery is amazing with inflammation. Celery not only reduces inflammation but it helps your cells have a normal cell life. Cancer is a perfect example of cells that aren’t experiencing a proper life cycle. Turmeric helps bring your cortisone levels back to normal and fights viruses. Basically, I chose ingredients that would help my autoimmune disease. I also base a lot of information off the “Inflammation free diet plan” (here’s a link)

    Stay away from sugar and fruits as generally, these will only cause inflammation. Your body has it’s own specific needs. Someone with Crohn’s for instance, may not want to consume raw foods. Know your body and try each ingredient one at a time if you’re unsure how your body will react. Here’s a list of ingredients, off the top of my head that I do feel are beneficial for inflammation:
    cayenne pepper
    organic grapes
    pure aloe vera juice (not the kind with sugar in it which is most kinds)

    As with anything, organic is extremely important.

  5. I bought me a juicer yesterday also :-) I am going this weekend to source the organic ingredients as I prefer organic. Now about those other ingredients…you following an anti-inflammatory diet? That is what I am reading from your other ingrendients?

  6. This sounds like something I should be doing, and my DH would probably do the blending for me. I really have trouble getting enough fresh fruits and vegs (RA has settled among other places in myTMJs and I can’t chew much).

    You had some strong opinions about what one should and shouldn’t be drinking . . . do you have some suggestions? If you leave the juice for a day, do you think some of the vitamins / nutrients degrade? What resources did you use to come up with your juice recipes?


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