Coming Soon: Supplement Recommendations Condition-Specific

Hello everyone!

Just a reminder that I am not a doctor and please read my Disclaimer on this site.  (just click on the link).  I have started working on pages that I will be putting up soon on condition-specific supplement recommendations.  If you have a disease that you’d like me to put up there specifically, please comment to this post and recommend it!  So far, these are the conditions I have in mind to talk about:


Multiple Sclerosis


Psoratic Arthritis

Pulmonary Fibrosis

Rheumatoid Arthritis




ALS   also known as Leu Gehrig’s Disease


Thank you for your help and I hope to have this ready for you soon!


-Sarah Keturah

2 Responses

  1. BJ,
    Great idea! Will do, thanks!

  2. I’d be very interested in supplement recommendations for psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. I know about Vitamin D3 and of course the ubiquitous fish oil – but perhaps newer research has named others? I can hope.

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