Supplement substitutes (for Biologics)

Hello All!  If you are on a biologic, specifically for the treatment of an autoimmune disease or if you are considering one, then it’s important to realize how they work.  Here are a list of biologics that might be suggested to you:

  • Actemra
  • Cimzia
  • Enbrel
  • Humira
  • Kineret
  • Orencia
  • Remicade
  • Rituxan
  • Simponi

Some of these biologics work by reducing tnf protein.  Those biologics include:

Cimzia, Enbrel, Humira, Remicade, and Simponi.

In my opinion, Kineret appears to be the safest of all biologics.  It works by blocking the action of the chemical messenger interleukin-1.  The only real drawback is that it is a daily injection and it is expensive.  But I am not here to tell you about these drugs really, but I did want to give you a brief bit of information on them as we go forward.

There are in fact, supplements that reduce tnf protein.  I can’t say how they work in comparison to a biologic that also reduces tnf protein.  I can’t tell you how much you should take either.  But I will say that if you are on a homeopathic adventure to controlling your disease, then you may want to give several avenues a shot.  Like drugs, supplements are powerful and for lots of people, have been proven successful.  If you are smart about it, you will attack your disease like a doctor would and figure out what supplements might actually work.  If you have Rheumatoid Arthritis, chances are you have too much tnf protein.  You probably have too much Fibrin as well.  But let’s talk about supplements that naturally reduce tnf protein.  Here are your options:

N-AcetylCysteine-click link to learn more about how N-AcetylCysteine reduces tnf protein.

-reduces tnf protein, chelates metals, breaks up mucus, and fights cancer.  For dosage and precautions click here.  For product recommendations, click here.

Lactoferrin-click here to learn more about how Lactoferrin reduces tnf protein.

-binds iron, fights yeast, helping with anemia, reduces gut inflammation, reduces skin reactions, anti-microbial activity-fighting against ecoli, immune defense, anti-inflammatory.

Reishi Mushrooms-click here to learn more about how Reishi Mushrooms reduce tnf protein.

-antioxidant, treats mononucleosis, bronchitis, lowers cholesterol, fights cancer and inflammation and improves sleep

Resveratol-click here to learn more about how Resveratol reduces tnf protein.

-anti aging, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, lowers blood sugar and gives cardiovascular benefits.

Monolaurin (lauric acid)-click here to learn more about how Monolaurin reduces tnf protein.

-prevents heart disease, increases metabolism, lowers cholesterol, fights candida, anti-microbial and much more.

There are other supplements that lower tnf protein, but this at least gives you a start.  Off hand, I don’t know what they are but perhaps I could research and add to this list sometime. I just know that if you are fighting an auto-immune disease, it’s important to hit it at all angles and tnf protein is definitely one of them.  Good luck on your quest to health!

((GENTLE HUGS))!!-Sarah

6 Responses

  1. Linda,

  2. I ordered the Lactoferrin from where the Serracor-NK comes from. However this is the link where they order it from and it does say bioactive:

    It was also mentioned in one of your articles from a year and a half ago? I clicked on the link and went right to it.

    {{{hugs}}} :-)

  3. Hi Linda,
    I totally understand being weary of taking lots of things. You referred to Lactoferrin as “scoop”, so I can only assume you’re taking a whey product? If so, make sure it’s bioactive whey! Hugs and thanks,

  4. Sarah:

    Thank you and I’m going to start first thing tomorrow AM, take one scoop. I just can’t wait. I will let you know how I do. I just can’t help feeling a bit weird with supplements and meds as I have had problems with some of them before in the past. {{{hugs}}} :-)

  5. Hi Linda,
    the only thing you’re taking that could affect your thyroid would be the LDN. Lactoferrin is already naturally in your body. It’s in your tears, mucus, saliva, etc. (Read this) Taking lactoferrin should improve intestinal health, reduce harmful bacteria, and reduce inflammation. Lactoferrin is naturally found in breast milk, milk products and whey products. Here is a link to see the actual measurements of lactoferrin in various milks: So you see, you are already made up of Lactoferrin and probably consume lactoferrin on a regular basis. Obviously lactoferrin is not lowering your tnf protein enough, so it’s in my opinion that “taking it slow” with lactofferrin will only lead to disappointment. I propose that taking the recommended dosage, maybe even more, is your best bet for seeing any results. Your digestive system and energy levels would probably be the first to change. A lot of lactoferrin is destroyed before it gets to the digestive tract. I hope that all make sense and helps with your decisions!
    THANKS AND {{{HUGS}}}!

  6. Hi:

    I bought some Lactoferrin afew months ago or so. I have not tried this yet. I do want to reduce the TNF protein more besides with what I am on, the LDN and Serracor-NK. I’m thinking of going slow with the Lactoferrin and see how I go with this as far as my thyroid disease goes.

    {{{hugs}}} :-)

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