How to Reduce Inflammation FAST… On a Budget!

I’ve had a lot of experience with this. If you’re flare is really severe, it can take time. And for some people, making these changes simply won’t do all that much if your disease isn’t being suppressed or changed by either medications or alternative treatments. BUT, in general, these switches will help, or at least I think they will! Good luck!

1. Switch from butter or margarine to OLIVE OIL.

2. Stop drinking milk and start drinking ALMOND MILK (unsweetened). Trader Joe’s carries it if you can’t find it elsewhere. Sugar is inflammatory so please don’t buy the sweetened version. And yes, honey IS sugar.

3. Start eating ORGANIC CELERY. Celery is known to reduce inflammation. It is also known to carry lots of pesticides if it isn’t organic.

4. STOP eating BREADS, PASTAS,RICE, WHITE POTATOES and CHIPS. You CAN eat Sweet Potatoes and Yucca. They are both Anti-inflammatory.

5. Stick with foods that are all natural. Buy the book, “The Inflammation Free Diet Plan” used at Amazon to understand more about inflammation and how much each food either decreases or increases inflammation. (Everything is in a point system).

6. Take COD LIVER OIL. It is one of the most anti-inflammatory fish oils to choose from AND it contains Vitamin A and Vitamin D. So it’s more bang for your buck! It can increase liver enzymes however, so don’t over due it and pay attention closely to your ALT levels. Once the flare is over, you may want to make the switch to something else, however, at this point I don’t have any great suggestions since most oils will increase your chance of higher ALT levels. Borage oil is pretty great as long as you choose one that is free of alkaloids. Just call the company and ask since most are unclear if they are PA free.

7. Get some light EXERCISE even though it hurts. Exercise will reduce the inflammation. Increase your exercise on days you feel better.

8. DON’T EAT SUGAR OR CHOCOLATE! If you need something sweet, buy bio-active Whey Powder and use Almond Milk. It’s sweet with a natural vanilla flavor. The almond milk will reduce your inflammation and the whey powder will reduce your tnf protein, thus reducing inflammation.

9. Get extra sleep! ZZZZZZZZZZ

10. EAT GASSY VEGETABLES. You heard me! Onions, Brussels sprouts, Asparagus, garlic, chard and cabbage are great sources. Gassy means it contains Sulfur and sulfur decreases inflammation. You’ve heard of Sulfasalazine and MSM right? Both contain sulfur, reducing inflammation.

11. If you don’t suffer from gastric reflux or ulcers, use CAYENNE PEPPER. I love to put it in my coffee. It’s a great anti-inflammatory and also helps, believe it or not, to make you feel calm.

12. If God gives you Lemons, you make lemonade, right? Well, if God gives you RA, you make LEMON WATER. Lemons reduce inflammation and they also help rid your body of toxins.

13. If you’re broke but need supplements, choose SWANSON. I did my best to research the company. From what I can tell, they are not ISO certified, however I had a hard time finding any company that was. I do not have experience with Swanson until my recent purchase (today-so I can’t tell you how the quality is), but I can tell you it was CHEAP, if nothing else!

14. Get some SUN if you don’t suffer from Lupus. Nothing compares to the real thing, even though supplements help and btw, you also get Vitamin K which helps suppress your appetite!

15. Speaking of appetite, just losing some weight and LOWERING YOUR CHOLESTEROL will reduce your inflammation. Cholesterol reducing medications have been shown to reduce inflammation in people with Arthritis. So be mindful of what you eat and know that lowering your cholesterol will do so much more than make you look great at your next doctor’s visit!

16. ACE BANDAGES can help push the swelling out and brace your joint for more comfort. And when you take it off, it forces the blood to rush back in, helping with circulation.

17. ICE PACKS in combination with heat, or even Ice packs on their own, depending on where the inflammation is can do wonders. I was able to reduce inflammation considerably by using an ice pack daily on a tendon due to RA.

18. Buy some airborn or the cheaper equivalent. Most drugstores carry their own version and it’s the same exact product. Airborn contains anti-inflammatories like vitamin C, zinc, ginger, etc. Take a few a day for a week and you’re flare should be easing up on you!

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  2. Thanks so much for this!!!! I needed a to the point budget friendly list such as this tonight

  3. MMS is bleach. Look into the science. It’s acting more as a placebo than anything.

  4. Brad,
    If you like goat cheese, that is anti-inflammatory AND fights yeast, believe it or not!
    thanks and hugs,

  5. Interesting post! I switched to all almond milk a month ago and love it. Now if I can just figure out how to avoid cheese.


  6. Also, to add on to my last post, it should NOT be taken with any type of vitamins or other supplements, especially vitamin C. The chlorine dioxide stays active for 3 hours so plan to take vitamins a few hours before or after doing the MMS. I also discovered it’s best taken with some food.

  7. MMS alone is used as a water purifier, but when mixed with citric acid becomes a totally different substance called chlorine dioxide, which is a powerful oxidizer. It’s also shown to destroy pathogenic microbes which many believe are at the root of inflammation and disease. Probably the reason people do well taking low dose antibiotics. However, antibiotics can’t eliminate all the pathogens. MMS supposedly can. It has definitely reduced my inflammation. You start slowly (1 drop MMS for 5 drops of citric acid) and work your way up to 15 drops 3 times per day for 3 weeks. Then you’re supposed to follow a maintenance dose of 10 drops 3 times per week. I’ve read some amazing stories of diabetics blood sugar dropping to normal, RA in remission, etc. If you google it and read the message boards you’ll see. The friend who gave it to me works with a well respected ‘healer’ who recommends it. I’m actually doing it a bit different than recommend. 8 drops MMS (40 drops citric acid) once a day. I read one womans rheumatoid nodules vanished after only 2 weeks of using it. We’ll see….I’ll keep you posted. All I know is it calmed me down the very next day and I’ve been a little better each day since. Hope this helps.


  8. Hey Liz!

    I’ve been doing some preliminary research trying to learn more about MMS. For the sake of others, would you mind explaining what it is? From what I can tell, it purifies water, and the purified water helps with autoimmune conditions. Liz, do you have any idea what the difference exactly is between something like Phion-ph balancing and MMS? There is a solution you can buy from Phion that ph balances your water and adds minerals and electrolytes. The cost is around $25 a month. I bought the solution at one point and noticed that purifying even one glass of water, made my stomach ache. So rather than doing 8 glasses of water, I increased the amount to two glasses of water a day where I didn’t even notice a difference. The problem is, I never increased it from that point. It took me probably three months to finish it. So it’s something in the back of my mind to try again, but I’d like to know how MMS is different, as it sounds like it could make a bigger difference. The flare is totally gone now. I increased my Serracor-NK which might be what brought me out of the flare. OR maybe it was the osteo-tec causing me problems. I quit those pills for now and might try again later to make sure those were the culprit. I had been very sleep deprived for weeks on end, so it could have been that as well. I look forward to hearing your progress! I want to know every detail, if you don’t mind! Also, how tough is the preparation for MMS? I was reading something about adding citric acid to activate?
    thanks and cheers!

  9. Hi Sarah,

    Have you ever tried MMS(miracle mineral solution)? A friend gave it to me the other day while I was complaining about a flare. I read about it and it seems many people have tried it for RA with success. I started taking it a few days ago and the next day I noticed inflammation improved. It’s not totally gone (yet) but better. Very inexpensive, as well. I plan to stay on it and will keep you posted on my progress.


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