Saying Goodbye to Acupuncture for Now

I don’t want t o give it up acupuncture. I do notice a slight difference and enjoy the attention. But since every Saturday I was having to get up a little earlier than I would naturally and since every week it was costing me $20 and I am currently more broke than ever, I simply can’t afford to keep going. I was noticing the biggest difference in my left wrist. And although I think it’s probably worth the money and time, I’m just so concerned with money right now that I can’t rationalize doing something that’s only making a slight difference. Maybe I’ll go back in the future but so far, unless money is no object, the benefits are not extraordinary enough. Supplements are so costly and I spend a TON on them. So that’s where I’m at. I do feel sad about it because I know it was helping a little. It was definitely improving my life, but I would only recommend acupuncture to people with RA who are near remission. Otherwise, it will probably just make your symptoms worse. I always flared during the visit. But the after effect of less inflammation was worth the flare. In the past however, when I wasn’t on alternative meds and tried acupuncture, I had a terrible flare that lasted weeks. It was awful! So again, I would only recommend acupuncture to those who are doing well with their disease and trying to ease smaller symptoms but not to people who are in the middle of a healing crisis, or worse, still looking for the right cocktail altogether.

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  1. Joanie,
    It sounds like you’re on the right track with the LDN. I take only 3.5 mg but was once on 4.5. I felt that 3.5 worked better for me. You may want to make your goal 3.0 or 3.5mg since many people do even better on the lowest dose vs 4.5 which is the highest dose. It’s a great sign that you are so sensitive to it! I’m sorry to hear about your mom with PD. My dad has PD also and is on LDN. I do recommend though that she read the article about co-enzyme Q10 and finding the highest dose, of at least 1200 mg per day reaped the largest benefit. Click here for the link.

    You are too sweet, Joanie! Thank you for all that you have done for me. The address I used to send the print would work just fine. (That’s my work address). I am so sorry to hear about your stressful months, they certainly do take their toll! I hope you can get some rest and relaxation. The best book I have found so far for RA and diet is “The Inflammation Free Diet Plan”. I made it so you can click to see the book. If you’re interested, shop around for it because you can find used ones for as cheap as $9, maybe less.

    Thank you for updating me. Please check in every once and a while or feel free to email me. I would love to hear how you’re doing whenever you feel up to it!
    many hugs,

  2. Sarah,
    Thanks for asking, i’m doing okay – up and down, am now taking ldn 2.5 mg, it has been about 6 weeks. Tried to up the dose to 4 mg too quickly, have backed back down – that is apparently a very potent drug. Have been reading about how much it helps people with MS and am so glad to hear of the relief they receive. My mother has Parkinson’s Disease and am currently reading and trying to locate info. to possibly help her using LDN.
    I was trying to contribute to your meds but am having trouble with paypal (some password quirk), but was wondering if the return address that you sent via mail was ok to use for a contribution.
    In general I have more good days than bad. I had an extremely stressful 6 or 7 mos. prior to the ra symptoms really getting bad and think that it all finally caught up with me, this is going to take time and patience, am also trying to clean up my diet. sincerely, Joanie

  3. Joan,
    Thanks so much for your support! I do hope to start up acupuncture again one day as it was helping some, and every little bit counts! But until then, I’ll be enjoying sleeping in on my Saturdays!
    I hope you are feeling well! How are you doing?
    many hugs,

  4. Sarah…am sorry that you are going off of acupuncture, was hoping that it would really help you.
    It was nice to see your post though, have been wondering how you are doing, sounds as if you really need some rest.
    Please take good care of yourself and again glad to see your post. Joan

  5. Wren,
    thanks so much for all of the support! I think I’m going to really appreciate sleeping in come this Saturday…it has been a while! Although I could nap a little at the acupuncture visit, it’s just not the same. And those of us who have autoimmune diseases, simply need more sleep than everyone else. I think I’ve been flaring a little lately because of lack of sleep…which is the result of many other things going on where I just haven’t had any real chance to catch up. I’m sure when I do, the inflammation will subside. I hope today is a good one for you too! You’ll have to let me know how you are doing!
    many hugs,

  6. I’m so sorry acupuncture didn’t work to the degree you’d hoped, Sarah. And even discounted, it IS expensive when every penny counts. You gave it a good, extended test, and with lots of faith; your decision is grounded in common sense.

    I hope the supplements you’re taking will be more successful, and I hope that today is a good one for you. Thanks for keeping us apprised of the situation and for your positive attitude. My thoughts are with you.

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