My 3rd and 4th Acupuncture visit in Culver City

Hi everyone!  Obviously, I’ve fallen behind in my posts that I promised!

I’m continuing on with a weekly visit to Culver City with Acupuncture.  I have another scheduled for this Friday.  Things are going quite well actually.  My third visit went extremely well.  I didn’t flare up quite as much as the times before during my third visit.  After the visit, inflammation seemed to really go down after about an hour.  And by the evening, I was loving the extra space between my fingers.  :)  I felt like this was really working!  The effect lasted for a few days.

That week however, I had been extremely busy and stressed out and it continued on for the next week and still continues on.  My sleep is more than deprived and my stress levels are at all time highs.  This economy has made me more than ever, stressed out about monthly bills and where my next paychecks will be coming from.  At the same time, acupuncture is very cheap and I figure things will fall into place somehow.  I don’t know what to say other than, I just have faith.  So I continue on with my part-time work, looking for extra part time work, and as well, trying my hardest to bring in business to the studio that I’m currently working part time.  It’s no easy feat, but I have been successful in the past and I have some irons in the fire.  This type of networking makes me lose a lot of sleep.  It required for instance, a 7:30 a.m. breakfast just last week and believe me, I never eat breakfast at that time!  Doing things like this, generally doesn’t amount to much, but every now and then one gets lucky.  Ok, I’ve completely side-tracked myself here.  I just wanted to give you a little background information.  Back to acupuncture….

Needless to say, my fourth visit with Michael in Culver City was filled with stress and my body was vibrating from a loss of electrolytes and sleep deprivation.  You know the feeling…  that exhausted feeling that makes you simply feel weird.  It’s like you’re not even in your own body anymore.   Still, I wanted to do the acupuncture.  Perhaps that would put me back into my own skin.  I have this gut feeling that it’s doing something great for me.  And because of that feeling, I don’t want to give it up.  And mind you, I don’t think every acupuncture experience is like this.  Like I had said before, my first ever experience with acupuncture left me with a terrible, three week flare.  Michael is making sure this doesn’t happen to me.  With each visit, he may add an extra needle.  My third visit had one extra needle on the top of my head.  And the fourth visit had two extra needles on each foot.

The fourth visit, I actually experienced some strange sensations.  My shins seemed like they were turning numb and tingling.  My ankles started to feel pain.  For those that don’t know, I have a skin condition that scars my shins.  So perhaps my body was waking up and trying to heal this.  Or perhaps my body felt it was time to ignore my hands and take care of my feet and ankles.  I may never know.  The inflammation in my hands did not decrease this week.  Do I assume that I’ve hit my point where this is, “As good as it gets?”  Or do I assume that it’s because of the stress and lack of sleep?  Or could it be that I keep forgetting to take supplements because of my fatigue?  Or do I just decide to keep on going because you can’t go through life full of assumptions?  My feet and ankles seem better than usual, so that was a nice surprise!  Perhaps that’s all it is, the body can only heal and take care of one thing at a time.  Again, I may never know because the body is so mysterious.  But I like to make lots and lots of guesses!  :)

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