What Smoking and Rheumatoid Arthritis have in common

Smoking is found to be the largest trigger of RA

Smoking is found to be the largest trigger of RA

I always knew I didn’t like smoke and I often offended people when I spoke up about it.  Now I wish I had simply done a better job at avoiding second-hand smoke all together.  Complaining did nothing for my health.  Dating smokers and working in restaurants which exposed me to smoke may have triggered my RA.  Watch this video and learn about how studies with identical twins and lab mice can teach you about smoking and environmental toxins.

Rheumatoid Arthritis: Part Two

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  2. Troy,

    You seem like a wealth of information. Any chance you would like to write your own post or expand on your knowledge here? Obviously there’s a lot to learn about the human body and I have spent the past few years learning about RA, medications and supplements and learning about Parkinson’s because my dad was diagnosed the same year I got RA.

    So what brings you here? I would love to know more.

  3. Its amazing how cells are programmed to know how to behave depending in their location in the body. Its a combination of the hormones present in that area and signals from neighboring cells that trigger the stem cells to function.

  4. This is a great thought. I am sure there are many good benefits in quitting smoking. Quit Smoking

  5. Cortaflex,

    I’m glad you found something that has helped you. It is true that red meat does increase inflammation. If your body is working properly, this isn’t a problem. You are one of many who are lucky in that (from what I gather), your arthritis is mainly in your hands and not in other joints. Rheumatoid Arthritis is different because although for some, it can affect only the hands, for many others, it is systemic, meaning it can cause the body to attack itself in ways one isn’t expecting. It can ruin the lungs, the eyes, the pancreas, the skin AND the joints. This is why if your RA is moderate to severe, modifying the diet will produce little to no results. I think it’s encouraging however, that you have modified your diet with positive results. Many of us with autoimmune diseases do stay away from gluten, sugar and meat because these things can for some, result in increased inflammation.
    Good luck to you and thank you so much for responding!
    take care,

  6. I suffer terribly with arthritis in my hands but as soon as I stopped eating red meat it made a huge difference. I still eat fish and I can’t resist bacon (who can!) but I’m sure it is because I’m no longer eating the fats in the meat that has helped me.

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