Serracor-NK: Reverse the Disease Process

Supplements that can reverse the disease process

Supplements that can reverse the disease process

Serracor-NK is a supplement that you can buy on-line from . This blend has tremendously improved my Rheumatoid Arthritis. First I noticed not having stiffness at night. Then I noticed getting out of bed and not feeling pain when my feet hit the floor.

Disease activity is in direct correlation to inflammation. If you can decrease inflammation, then you have less disease activity which means less destruction on joints and organs. Side effects from this supplement were only beneficial. It reduces high cholesterol, improves circulatory health, induces viral cleansing and I never expected this one… hair thinning-gone! Expect to have the same amount of hair that you had as a teenager! (Of course, individual results may vary). Perhaps my hair loss was being caused from my body attacking itself. After all, Lupus causes hair loss and even though I was diagnosed with RA, I do get a lot of Lupus-like symptoms. I had thought my hair loss was simply hereditary. I’ve always had great hair but the amount of hair I’d loose in the shower still bothered me. Methotrexate caused me to loose even more but when I stopped Methotrexate I noticed that during a flare, I’d still loose more hair than normal. Now I lose almost no hair at all. It’s amazing! Serracor-NK works by removing excess Fibrin in the body. If your inflammation is not caused by excess Fibrin, then Serracor-NK probably won’t work for you.

“Recent research has shown that fibrin plays a key role in the inflammatory response and development of rheumatoid arthritis.-Wikipedia

For some people, experimenting with a supplement doesn’t sound like a good idea to them. I already felt that the medicines prescribed normally for Rheumatoid Arthritis are experimental, so trying supplements were a natural choice for me. A recent study in WebMD about Biologics shows that though they help with symptoms, they’re not the medical breakthrough doctors and patients were hoping for. Biologics like Enbrel are a very new choice of therapy. There are no guarantees. Although people feel safe taking a drug like Methotrexate because it has been around for a long time, I don’t find this any more consoling. Methotrexate is a drug that yes is widely prescribed by doctors but because it has been tested for so long, it is a fact and not a theory that taking this drug increases chances of cancer, digestive issues, Alzheimer’s and other disconcerting possibilities. It seems likely that at some point, you will suffer from some side effect. From my support group, Daily Strength, I commonly see people who have to temporarily stop taking Methotrexate because their liver enzymes were elevated. What this means is, their liver is getting damaged and they have to stop a medicine that is reducing pain, inflammation and joint damage, putting them behind with their therapy. I have been happily surprised that since starting Serracor-NK, I have not had to deal with a single flare. I feel healthy and can participate in most social events and activities without RA holding me back. Bottom Line: “The findings suggest that RA patients’ medical needs are not being totally met”WebMD

After having been on traditional medications for over a year and then switching over to Low Dose Naltrexone and Serracor-NK, I can honestly say that stiffness, inflammation and quality of life have greatly improved. I do believe that I’m getting increasingly better. This kind of feeling wasn’t happening on Methotrexate and Prednisone. I would go to the gym several times a week and find myself unable to work out as hard. I lost a considerable amount of muscle and since then have been able to improve my exercise routine. If you do decide to try Serracor-NK, make sure you don’t expect miracles right away. Just like immune suppressant drugs, these things take a while. I didn’t really feel a difference until the end of the second month and even then it was a small change. By the third month I was extremely impressed and the fourth month, I felt even better. Unfortunately, you do have to take a lot of pills. That’s the downside….and it sucks. But the alternative is even worse in my opinion. I would much rather take pills everyday, all day long than have to deal with the amount of suffering caused from taking a drug like Methotrexate. For some people, they never experience side effects. I did experience many side effects and I worried constantly about side effects from methotrexate years down the line.

At the height of my RA, I couldn’t even sit up from the couch without a helping hand. Now I can run, lift a full pot of coffee and wake up early in the morning with ease and without the worry of morning stiffness.

If you are looking to avoid the toxicity of chemotherapy drugs, the side effects of corticosteroids, and the expense and issues involved in Biologics, then you have come to the right site. There are so many options out there but coming up with a plan that tailors to your disease and your body can be difficult. Immune suppressive drugs work so well across the board because they don’t have to figure out the problem. They work by suppressing the immune system to a point that the body simply stops reacting. My theory however is that your immune system will eventually try to figure out a way to overcompensate by being suppressed. This is just my theory and I am in no way suggesting that you stop your DMARD. On the other hand, for some people who are looking to find an alternative, I think these are great solutions. What if they really do reverse the disease process? All I can say is, get back to me in 10 years and I’ll let you know. Hopefully I’ll have the answer we all hope for which is yes, you can reverse the disease process if you catch it in time.

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  1. Hi
    I need advise pls, any body try Serracor-NK for 4 years chronic DVT ?
    Thank you very much

  2. May I ask at what levels your crp or sed were? I have been to some support groupls fro arthritis and realize the disease varies sooo much. Some have an achey wrist while others cannot dress themselves or brush their hair or function without pain management. I was wondering what your labs were like and how much this supplemesnt improves your labs. Were they in normal range all along?

    I just bought this serracor and I noticed less inflammation too after a week or so I had to increase the dosage. Does it cause nausea? Just wondering? Thank you very much!!

  3. Hi ,
    I am writing to you from India. My husband aged 50 years was disgnosed with ILD/ Pulmonary Fibrosis in 2004. Since then he has been off and on prednisone . Has Serracor Dx helped you? Does it have any side effects?
    I am looking for an alternative to arrest the progress of the disease. Could you please throw some light?

  4. Can anyone tell me whether Serracor-NK helps with COPD as well as PF ?
    The only place I have read about the benefits is on the PivotalHealth website, where there are numbers of testimonials, but I do not know whether these are true or are just drumming up business for the company.

  5. Hey and thank you for your post. I have been diagnsoed with RA and am hellbent on getting throguh it without chemicals.
    Of course, I was offered Methotrexate but my heart swallowed itself at the thought of it so I have now researched other areas..
    I don’t think it is publicity as I have heard other RA sufferers who have said the same thing.
    Thank you again x

  6. Hi Marita,

    So sorry to hear about your father. I would just contact Brad from (just call the main #) and ask him what other customers have done in the past, when trying to get off of coumadin and go on Serracor. Keep me posted!

  7. My 89 year old father was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Pulmonary Fibrosis. He is on all kinds of meds right now… and coumadin as well. I would really like my dad to try the effects of Serracor, but read that it can not be taken in conjunction with a blood thinner. Dad had a blood clot in his lung and was rushed to emergency & then ICU the first week of January 2011. He has been on coumadin since then. I would be ok with taking him off the coumadin if it meant that he could breathe easier with Serracor. His MD doesn’t give him much hope for the future, and will not be seeing him again after his next 3 mon visit with her. I am seeking any other options to keep my dad healthier and happier if only for a little while longer.

  8. Mari,
    First, Serracor-NK would definitely be your best option for pulmonary fibrosis. There are lots and lots of people who have successfully treated themselves with Serracor who have PF. I don’t think this supplement is something you “try”, it’s something you go for and experience for a long enough time to reap the benefits. Scar tissue and fibrin take a long time to reduce in the body so in order to feel a difference, you would need to be on Serracor for at least four months before you could tell what it might do for you. It works better the longer you take it because it’s working on reducing the fibrin and scar tissue, something that needs extra time. I would recommend going for the package of Serracor-NK, Clear Lungs and Serra-RX so that you have everything on your side. PF is a very serious disease and there aren’t any great options. This package would be the best option for you, provide relief the fastest and doing all three would give you the extra power you need to really feel a difference. Remember, doctors treat things aggressively in the beginning, and then taper things down later on once things are under control. You want to do the same thing with supplements. I know it’s scary without a doctor’s approval and I know I’m not a doctor, so as always, this is my opinion, but in my opinion, treating your PF aggressively with these supplements are your best option. And please, do read about the “healing crises” so you can understand why you may get worse before you get better. Knowing this, depending on the severity of your disease, you must decide whether you can handle getting a little worse. If you can’t, then I do suggest that you start your supplements (all three) slowly and increase your dosage over the course of a month, depending on how you are feeling. I hope I am making sense. Please do call biomediclabs and ask them for their advice. Talk to a product specialist.

    As far as why your doctor won’t recommend Serracor-NK, here is my answer: Unfortunately our health care is based on finances, not on need. Why doesn’t your doctor sit you down and talk about the food you eat, how much you exercise, whether you’re getting enough vit D, since it’s linked to so many diseases, your air quality and what you can do to help, etc.? A good doctor will, but the average doctor won’t. Doctors aren’t required to take courses in herbswhen they’re in medical school. What I have heard is, it’s an elective course and one at that. Serracor-nk isn’t an herb, it’s a blend of mostly enzymes. There are probably hundreds of thousands of supplemental choices that could aid a person in their health, so it would be impossible for any doctor to educate themselves on that. The reality is, pharmaceutical companies do supply doctors with kickbacks, benefits, etc. and they often put money towards medical schools, meaning a pharmaceutical company can donate money, even completely financially support a medical school. So with that in mind, medicine that is supplied by pharmacies is run by patents. And in order to patent something, it has to be synthetic. Supplements are considered “food”. You can’t patent food, you can only patent synthetic food. And in order for something to be worth patenting, there has to be the hope that there will be lots of money involved. For instance, you wouldn’t patent a synthetic form of vitamin C because it just wouldn’t be worth it to do so. So long story short, your doctor knows nothing about supplements and didn’t go to medical school to learn about health remedies…. doctors go to medical school to have an excellent career. And pharmaceutical companies help make their career excellent. If you want someone professional to recommend Serracor-NK, you’d have a better chance going to a nutritionist but even then, a nutritionist will have their own supplements or companies that they recommend so that they can make extra money. I hope it doesn’t sound too cynical, it just works this way and I have no idea how to better explain it.

    If you want to talk shop with your doctor, you can mention that there’s a supplement that reduces scar tissue and fibrin and tell your doctor you’re considering taking it. Most doctors are completely against health remedies, and I don’t know if it’s because sick people keep doctors in business or if they’re just so close minded or even cynical that they think everyone is out to get you and run you over. So the only way to avoid this, would be to ask your doctor to give you a fibrinogen test, something they’re perfectly capable of ordering. If they say no, tell them then you’ll go to a clinic and order one yourself. (If you don’t know this, you can order a fibrinogen test online and go to a designated clinic-they have them in all cities-where they will draw your blood. And you’ll get the results in the mail.) If you need more information on that, I can provide that to you, but there’s no reason why your doctor can’t order a fibrinogen test for you. Your doctor may be required to fill out more paperwork on your behalf, so it may take some convincing. But tell your doctor, you’d like to keep an eye on both your fibrinogen and your cholesterol, since the Serracor-NK and Serra-RX will reduce these levels considerably. Your doctor will be aware that cholesterol has been found to be directly related to your inflammation levels. And your doctor will know that your inflammation levels will be directly related to your fibrinogen levels. So your doctor does know that reducing your fibrinogen levels will help your PF, whether they want to admit it or not. Scar tissue is made up of fibrous tissue, another reason why your PF will continue to be helped. Each month that you’re on the supplements, you’ll be able to “see” by looking at your test levels, how the products are working for you, long before you can “feel” a difference. I hope that all makes sense and I hope I helped you! Feel free to ask more questions!
    thanks and hugs and good luck!

  9. I will like to try serracor-nk but, I want to know if it is so good for pulmonary fibrosis like I read, why is not recommended by doctors. I will like to have more information. maybe you can help me.

  10. Thanks for posting this. I try to take the Serracor-NK twice a day. It works very well and if I go without it, boy do I notice a difference in the pain levels. Now from reading your personal thoughts on this as well as my own, I’ve come to a conclusion that it definitely would be best to take this three times a day every eight hours. The results would be much better! :-)

  11. Hi Bernadette,

    I don’t know of any otc stores where you could buy Serracor-NK. Best of luck to you,

  12. can you tell me where to buy serracor nk otc?



  14. Hi Ligia,
    It’s funny, after I read that post, I thought how it probably sounds to other people. I used to buy Neprinol from another company that ended up going out of business. I called this guy up and got really upset at him (at this other company), because Neprinol was finally working for me after 2 months and they consistently took too long to get my order to me. The fact is, there are lots of companies that sell Neprinol. I’m only recommending the company I list because they’re always nice to me when I call, have my information on file and they get me my order within three days….but usually just takes two. I take a lot of supplements so it’s hard for me to keep track of what I need next. As well, Neprinol requires a lot of pills so even though the bottle might look full, you may realize that all of a sudden you’re out! So when the other company took two weeks to get me my order a total of three times, I was irate!! I got so upset I emailed the guy and said I would never buy from him again and how mad I was. He called me back and I felt bad for being so mean…. We chatted for a while and he told me they were going out of business. I was still without Neprinol, and my RA symptoms were coming back. I asked him, “well who can get me Neprinol in just a day?” and he recommended biomediclabs. I called them up and told them my story and they sent me the pills overnight, free of charge because they felt for my plight. So really, the ONLY reason I recommend them is because they will get the product to you right away and they’ll always be nice. I do like to help people who are nice, so that’s why I push their company. I feel calling is the easiest way. But there are plenty of companies out there. The product is made I believe in the UK, so there are lots of distributors in the U.S. If you want something cheaper that will help you with your RA then you should take Low Dose Naltrexone. It’s only around $10 a month. I was on LDN for a long time before taking Neprinol with it. My RA was very severe. But only take LDN if you are off immune suppressant drugs.
    I hope that answers your question!! Believe me, I would like help in buying Neprinol because it is an expensive product but so far I haven’t figured out a way. If I do figure out a way, it will be by selling prints or getting donations but not by selling supplements because it is just not my thing. I spend a lot of money on supplements and wish I could spend less but my health comes first! I just skip manicures, getting my hair done, going shopping, all of it! It’s not the best life, but much better than feeling miserable and incapable of getting things done!
    If you want to do a google search on me, I’m not even tied to this business, I’m in the industry! I talk about these supplements and RA because this is my life. I talk about Parkinson’s because my Dad has Parkinson’s. And I talk about MS because I’ve learned a lot about MS through my support group, Daily Strength where you can find me there to. I am an open book and don’t worry, this is no sales pitch….I’m in this for spreading what has helped me and nothing more. If I can get help for my supplements later down the road then great because I honestly can’t afford them right now. But like I said, I’d rather go in debt and scrape by than go without them.
    Feel free to email me anytime!
    Take care,

  15. Hi,

    Tell me how I can trust your thoughts about Neprinol, when you post the name of Biomediclabs. It sounds like publicity for this lab.

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