Mercury at the dentist’s office

With little fanfare, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration earlier this week acknowledged on its Web site that mercury amalgam fillings -- the silvery material used for decades to plug cavities -- could be harmful.

With little fanfare, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration earlier this week acknowledged on its Web site that mercury amalgam fillings -- the silvery material used for decades to plug cavities -- could be harmful.

“Mercury is highly toxic to human beings.  In addition, having toxic metals in your body increases the activity and the damage done by free radicals…”

I missed part of the conversation on the radio the other day. A man who is part of the American Dental Association said that dentists are STILL using mercury for fillings, but that they don’t tell you it’s mercury, they tell you it’s silver. He even said that that phrase “silver” is encouraged and that dentists are discouraged to ever use the term mercury. He also said that mercury causes Alzheimer’s, and a host of other diseases, as well as can cause infertility. The dentist office itself, because it has mercury in the air is a toxic place, especially to pregnant women.

The radio host was shocked and kept asking why in the world were dentists still using mercury?  Apparently, the FDA thinks it’s safe.  “The FDA has, for decades, ridiculously insisted that mercury fillings pose no health threat whatsoever to children.” The guest explained that mercury fillings are faster because there’s less craftsmanship involved and it can mold much more quickly, etc.  Basically, a dentist can get far more patients in and out.  When asked if he thought Mercury could cause autism, his answer was yes.

“For years there has been debate in the dental profession regarding the pros and cons of using silver amalgam fillings, which contain about 50% mercury, to restore cavities.”

“A single dental amalgam filling with a surface area of only 1/2 square cm is estimated to release as much as 15 micrograms of mercury per day primarily through evaporation and mechanical wear.”

I explained my concern and what I had heard on the radio to a friend the other day.   She told me that her acupuncturist knew many Lupus patients who had their silver fillings taken out– only to show no improvement.

As I thought about it what my friend told me, I realized that if you don’t understand how drugs work with autoimmune diseases, then this acupuncturist simply isn’t putting two and two together.

Lupus, just like Rheumatoid Arthritis is medicated with corticosteroids and chemotherapy drugs, generally speaking.  This means that the body is being told not to react.  Both corticosteroids and chemotherapy drugs are immune suppressant drugs.  Even if an infection were to enter the body, a person who is on these drugs can and most likely will have trouble fighting off the infection because their body isn’t reacting to the infection in a normal, healthy way.  Instead, the drugs tell the body to basically shut off all reactions.  Even cuts are suppose to be reported to your doctor if you are on these drugs.  Cuts can turn into infections and infections can turn into serious complications which have in some cases, lead to death.   My suggestion to her was that, a Lupus patient wasn’t a good example of whether or not removing the fillings were helpful because of the drugs keep you from knowing what’s really going on.  If however, you took an autistic child that is being treated with diet only and not drugs, and changed out their fillings, then that might be a better example of how mercury fillings affect the body because they are so sensitive.

If you have a choice between a silver filling or a ceramic one, I think the choice is obvious regardless of the price.  “Amalgam is a blend of mercury, silver and other metals; when they bond together, the mercury is said to be rendered stable and unlikely to leach into your system. But lots of people beg to differ, saying the mercury not only is absorbed by the body but may cause neurological problems. Some believe mercury fillings trigger such disorders as multiple sclerosis, though research hasn’t borne that out.“”

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  1. “after remooving the amalgam fillings there was no improovment”
    just to have you better informed folks:
    taking out amalgams if not done the right way can cause more harme ,at least on the short run.
    in the process of remooving the mercury filling unless the dentist-which should prefeably be a biologic dentist with knowllege in the technic used for it ,a big quantity of mercury can be relleased ‘inhaled and \or swalloed in the avoid this a special protocol exist with so called biologic dentist to protect the peacient as well as the medical stuff.
    also it is not enogh to remoove the fillings to get an improvement of the simptoms-for many years mercury from the theeths leached into the body and is located in various organs ‘in particulare in fatt containing organs like liver gut brain adipose tissues and follow the remooval of the fillings with a very particolar protocol of amalgame remooving sessions ,with mechanical and chemical protection mesures ,should follow a long period of so called “CHALATION” which is heavy metals detox treatment (some times for two or three years !! aimed to clean the mercury which has setteled in periffary organs and tissues
    this has to be done in a very cautious menner in order not to load the body and the detoxing organs (mainly liver kidneys gut lungs skin etc. )and not to cause in the process a reditribution of the toxic metal that instad of being elliminated from the body may just migrate to another ,somtimes even more vulnerable and essencial organ (e.g the brain )
    there are all kind of chelating agents with different properties to be used in the right time and dosage with a knowllaged practitioner
    only after a thorough chellation therapy and detox can a heeling from the disease be expected

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