Update: The Master Cleanse, Is it all Hype?

watercolor painting

watercolor painting

Day 4:

You guessed it guys, I got through day four and gave up.  My Husband called me in the evening.  He had the symptoms of the beginning of a urinary tract infection.  He was also suffering from possibly the onset of a cold.  I had him immediately take some cranberry pills and one airborn.  I on the other hand, was also suffering.  I knew to expect the revisit of aches and pains.  My tongue had been coated for days with a horrible taste in my mouth that wouldn’t go away, along with a smell that was EVERYWHERE.  My terrible hunger were finally becoming more bearable.   What I feared most however was the flare that was happening, along with brand new pains I had never felt before.  My left leg was hurting in an unusual way, feeling as if it might be swollen.  I chose to wear a loose skirt that day because my pants were too uncomfortable.  I also skipped my high heels and opted for sandals because my feet and ankles hurt.  All day it hurt to sit.  Not only was my leg hurting, but my hips were killing me.  I found myself pulling my left leg up, sort of sitting on my left foot if you could imagine, just to take the pressure off of my left hip.  Of course I was tired of drinking the lemonade concoction and I wasn’t experiencing the weight loss that was described on the Internet.  I had lost 1 1/2 pounds.  Weight loss wasn’t the reason I decided to stop.  I decided to stop because I started to really think about healing and how it works.  I know I don’t know everything, but I do know that healing takes time.  Rheumatoid Arthritis is a very serious disease.  If it’s severe, which mine is, it can damage a lot of joints, including organs very quickly.  And if you think about how long it takes to heal even a sprained ankle, another 6 days of the Master Cleanse isn’t going to heal everything that I have wrong with me.  I have hypothyroidism too, which means my thyroid doesn’t produce as much hormone as it’s suppose to.  Was the Master Cleanse going to heal that too?

I was in pain and getting worse quickly.  Not only did I have unusual pains, but I also had the typical pains from a flare, including very swollen fingers.  My doubts about the Master Cleanses ability to “heal all ailments” were growing.  I also looked up how the Master Cleanses inventor, Stanley Burroughs died.  I found conflicting evidence.  Wikipedia claims he “died of a massive hemorrhage of the mesentery in the abdomen.”   Other information on the internet claims, “Stanley Burroughs passed away in Newcastle, California, on June 16, 1991, at the age of 87, after a two-week battle against acute pneumonia. His death certificate also mentions leg fractures, apparently from a fall, and a urinary infection, as contributing conditions to his death.”

I wasn’t crazy about this diet to begin with, but several people whom I know closely were encouraging me.  They too were hoping my RA would magically disappear.  On the fourth day however, I realized knowing my body and what flares are like, that if this cleanse were really healing my body, there’s just no telling how long it could take.  Not only that, flares aren’t good for you.  Inflammation is bad.  You could, theoretically give yourself a heart attack or ruin an organ if inflammation gets too out of control.  I decided the risk wasn’t worth it, so I quit.

Since then, I’ve been exhausted, dealing with a sore throat every morning and recently, a partially swollen eyelid.  I have been suffering from an ongoing flare ever since I tried the Master Cleanse.  I just don’t believe, had I kept going that I’d be better off.  I don’t believe that it would have cured my hypothyroidism.  And I certainly don’t believe it would have cured, an even more complicated disease like Rheumatoid Arthritis.  There is just too much healing that would have needed to take place if it were even possible.

Bottom line is, I think the Master Cleanse is too drastic for people who have illnesses.  For instance, someone who suffers from Anemia, should not do a diet like this, in my opinion.  I am no doctor, but neither was Stanley.  I also think that because every person’s body is different, there’s just no telling what kind of effect, good or bad, a fast like this can have.

2 Responses

  1. Hi Mary,

    I’m always open to new ideas. There have been quite a few people recently suggesting diet books as the answer. My question is and always will be, have you had experience with curing a disease and what disease was it? Diets are hard to manage, much harder than taking supplements. And supplements by the government are considered “food”. So in a sense, I am on a diet, it’s just a special one involving encapsulated food products. It’s nearly impossible to get the enzymes you need these days in food. Even organic products are often lacking in the nutrient based soil that once existed a hundred years ago.

    The book you suggested reads, “Natural Treatment For: Autism, ADD, ADHD, Depression, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Scchizophrenia”. What makes you think it would be good for Rheumatoid Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Lupus, Hypothyroidism, Behcet’s, Psoriasis, Fibroid tumors, Endometriosis or any other autoimmune disease not listed? I think there are a lot of good books out there on diet that can be helpful to people with diseases, and even though your gut is 75% to 80% of your immune system, it’s still not ALL of your immune system. After all, babies get diseases too, and in those cases, would you say that their intestines are already damaged and how much healing can really happen if that’s so? Different diseases are theorized to be caused by a variety of factors, and if we could find out which factor it was that brought on the disease, we’d have a better chance. What I mean is, Multiple Sclerosis, for instance has a higher disease rate in places where there is less sun, so there’s a theory that lack of Vitamin D plays a part in this disease. Yet Vitamin D can’t “cure” Multiple Sclerosis but it may help the symptoms. At the same time, Multiple Sclerosis is known to usually be linked to inflammatory bowl disease. But what causes IBD? Could it be Candida, an allergy to gluten, a milk intolerance, chemicals, or a faulty immune system to begin with, among lots of possibilities? These possibilities are many things that people with MS end up exploring. Or Parkinson’s for example is sometimes linked to early head trauma or to certain pesticides. If this is true then can you really reverse a head trauma or harmful pesticide exposure that may have damaged the neurological system? Or Fibroid Tumors for example, do you really think that a diet can reduce these tumors more than Serracor which is specifically meant to reduce fibroid tissue? Rheumatoid Arthritis can come about by injury, trauma induced from stress or hormone fluctuations such as childbirth, and viruses such as the Epstein Bar Virus, among many other possibilities. None of these suggest to me that RA is caused from gut problems first, although there is that theory that this is the case for SOME people, not all. Autism and Parkinson’s are both mainly afflictions for males. Knowing this fact alone makes me less inclined to think that the gut has anything to do with their disease’s onset. Diet helps all diseases, yes, but I have not witnessed it cure anything besides diseases involving the gut, like, irritable bowl syndrome.

    I’m curious, why were you searching for Serracor? I have friends who have autistic children and their children are on EXTREMELY tight diets…no sugar, no processed foods, no soy, no milk, no gluten, etc. I don’t believe that autism can be “cured” from diet alone, only because I haven’t witnessed it happen. I think autism and any disease for that matter, can be improved by diet, but I have yet to witness a child with severe autism that is “cured”. With all diseases, there are different levels of severity to them. I am more inclined to believe that PH balance plays a role in our health. Though I don’t think it can cure, it can certainly make us feel better and may be able to stop progression of cancerous tumors among many other possibilities. And there are a variety of ways we can change the PH in our bodies.

    If you are looking for something that will heal your gut, Low Dose Naltrexone has been shown in clinical studies to really help Crohn’s. I’m not trying to treat symptoms as you say, I am trying to deal with the source of the problem and along the way, am doing my best to let other people know what has worked for me. I continue to try and have tried a variety of diets, drugs, and supplements and the ones that I share on this blog are the ones that have proved to me as the most beneficial. The Western Diet, meaning processed food full of fats and sugars, is proven to be the most harmful of all diets for people. There’s no doubt that gut issues are the source of issues for many people, however I believe that once you get a disease such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, which is progressive, it’s nearly impossible to halt its progression. One thing is for sure, if your disease is severe, you can not function with RA, MS, PD, or many other autoimmune diseases with diet alone. You HAVE to intervene with drugs and/or supplements just so you can bring that fork to your lips.

    You say that you are “on the road to healing” but you don’t say that you are healed. Let me know when you are, what your ailment was and what you did to get there. I think that life is very individual. There are many paths to get to the same destination.
    Thank you for sharing and visiting my site and I do hope you stop in again,

  2. Dear Sarah:
    I just stumbled across your blog, while looking for information on Serracor and atherosclerosis. Your “disease” of RA is horrible and is an indication that there is something wrong with your gut. Quite common nowadays. You describe many symptoms which are indicative of a gut problem. Like many people, including me, you try to find a remedy for each symptom. You end up taking loads of costly supplements and/or drugs. What you really need to do is heal the source of the problem, your gut.
    There is one book which will give you the answer. It is called Gut and Psychology Syndrome by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride. It explains how all these gut problems came about and the many ways they manifest themselves, such as in RA. Dr. Campbell-McBride explains about the diet that will heal the gut. Its called the Specific Carb Diet. I would read the book first to explain the whole GAP syndrome before starting the diet. It is being used very successfully to heal all kinds of conditions, like autism, celiac disease, IBS, Crohns, RA etc. There are websites on the GAPS diet. However, I suggest that you read Dr. Campbell-McBride’s book first. It put everything into perspective for me and placed myself, my husband and two teenage chidren on the road to healing.
    Good luck.

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