Parkinson’s is not my favorite disease.

Parkinson’s Disease is not my favorite disease. I’d rather have gotten measles or mumps or something light and temporary. Unfortunately, PD came in the night in the form of restless legs syndrome, and hours of insomnia. I began stumbling on occasion, usually my left foot catching on small bumps or shadows. It was not until I went through several doctors, eventually finding a neurologist who diagnosed PD. It was a relief to put a name on that feeling of something not being quite right. Of course, now I had something to worry about, something to keep me from doing all the things I wanted to do. With the medications Azilect and Mirapex my life improved but then I decided I wanted more. I’m still working at a full time job, still enjoying life, and I’m trying new exercises and new medications. My doctor is very conservative with prescriptions but then, he doesn’t have PD. I do. I’m in a fight with PD and I’m don’t want to just slow it down or even keep it at bay. I’m trying to reclaim some of my youthful abilities. I’ve just begun to fight.
Written by Dan Roberson

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